Hemp flour (organic)

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Nutty-taste with high protein and fibre food supplement

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  • Gluten-free, nutty-tasting, good fibre and protein source
  • contains minerals and vitamins (magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus)
  • 50% protein, 15,4% fibre
  • Use in: sauces, yogurth, smoothies, cutlets, baked goods and other food as supplement
  • recommended for sports enthusiasts, vegetarians, dieters and in case of gluten intolerance
  • 100% organically and self-produced raw material (hemp seeds)
  • Storage: keep dry
  • Produced with renewable energy

100g includes: energy 1474kJ / 352kcal, fats 9,97g, including saturated fatty acids 0,86g; carbohydrates 7,4g, including sugars 3,4g; proteins 50,5g; salt 0,1g, fibre 15,4g, Calcium Ca 110,6mg, Magnesium Mg 529mg, Iron Fe 20,9mg


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