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Tammejuure is the best organic farm in Estonia 2018

Tammejuure Organic Farm is the most famous hemp farm in Estonia. We have been growing hemp for 14 years and have agriculture experience for over 34 years and cultivate crops on 600 hectares, organically certified since 2001. We are growing wheat, oats, rye, peas, turnip rape, hemp, poppy and produce cold pressed hemp oil, turnip rape oil, camolina oil, high protein hemp flour, crispy hemp seeds, peeled hemp seeds, relaxing hemp tea, whole wheat and rye flour and semolina – all these products are made by our self-grown raw material and farm´s processing equipment. The farm has increased it´s production capacity and started to offer agrotourism as well.

All production is based on bioenergy. Raw material is dried with a bio heater that uses wood chips from ditch bushes. Cereal terminal and food processing production is using solar energy from solar panels next to production facility.

Our hemp farm has received several awards for quality and delicious organic products!

The Best Organic Product 2013 – Tammejuure´s hemp oil

Tammejuure is The Best Estonian Organic Producer in 2018!

Tammejuure TOP 100 Äripäev 2023 ENG