Hemp oil “Lemon grass”

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Revitalizing, moisturizing and nourishing natural oil for skin and hair


  • Hemp Oil with Essential Oils – Natural Body Care Without Chemistry!
  • Organic hemp oil moisturizes and nourishes skin and hair ends with Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E
  • High-quality Doterra Lemongrass essential oil relaxes and soothes the senses
  • Comfortable spray bottle, volume 100ml
  • Also suitable for massages and children
  • Hemp oil also has a natural SPF of 6, but is more suitable for use after tanning
  • Due to the high content of vitamin E and antioxidants in cannabis oil, it is recommended for pregnant women to lubricate their stomachs to prevent stretch marks.
  • Storage: dry and cool, away from sunlight
  • Produced with renewable energy

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